Kent Olson

Great Communities Start Here.

We put the pieces together.

From land acquisition and site analysis to rezoning and design development, we manage projects  with the mindset of creating distinctive places where people will enjoy living. Building a great community requires a diverse set of skills and understanding. We put together the pieces, yielding profitable, progressive, efficient community planning, with a focus on quality of life for the benefit the entire region.

Meet Our Team

The DSG team brings 50+ years of combined experience to understanding the seamless approach of blending residential and commercial components, creating quality mixed-use development. We create communities designed to facilitate and promote optimal quality of life for today’s active families, millennials, and baby boomer generations.

Photo:  James Olson, Kent Olson

Kent Olson

Over the last fifteen years, Kent Olson has procured over 3,000 residential lots in the Greater Charlotte area, developed a variety of residential and mixed use communities, and built custom and semi-custom homes. Between 2001 and 2009, Kent Olson’s Nu South built over 300 homes, ranging from $125k Town Homes to $1M+ custom homes. As the market changed, Kent explored the commercial and multi-family markets, gaining knowledge of land procurement, land use strategies, zoning mitigations, public policy and community development. Kent and his team are working with local municipalities to bring quality residential opportunities, and generate maximum economic development.